Independent Facilitation

About Independent Facilitation and Planning: Key Roles

People will call on their independent facilitator as needed for various things.  Roles can change throughout the planning process and through the ebb and flow of life. The varied roles of an independent facilitator include:

  • Getting to know the person well; assisting the person to have a ‘voice’
  • Building relationships with the person, their family, network, and the local community
  • Listening deeply – people say things in many different ways
  • Providing information
  • Linking with others (family networks, People First, etc.)
  • Networking and relationship development, building of support networks
  • Facilitating with the planning process
  • Facilitating community connections in both formal and informal settings
  • Building on the strengths, capacity and self-determination of the person to create a good life
  • Community development
  • Recognizing people, their families and networks as decision makers
  • Ongoing monitoring/evaluation with the person and their family/network
  • Brokering Roles, these include:
    • Negotiation
    • Mediation and
    • Third Party Document/Contract writing

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