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Everyday Ordinary Lives Group

“We are family and friends of people with developmental disabilities who want to live an everyday, ordinary life in their own homes, neighbourhoods and communities. We are committed to helping them achieve this. We have come together around the shortage of funding to pay for support workers. There are many stories about meaningful community involvement and the inclusion of our family members and friends. These stories are made possible by our dedication, support worker funding (often called direct funding) as well as good facilitation and planning.”

Ontario Independent Facilitation Network

We are a network of independent facilitators, people who have a disability/self-advocates, families, and agency representatives (including facilitators) who are committed to the development and preservation of a provincial Community of Practice for independent facilitation and planning.  
For more information go to  OIFN-Overview April-10-2013  or the website:

Our Common Vision Partners:

Family Alliance Ontario

We are a strong family voice for change.  Family Alliance Ontario supports the well-being of persons with disabilities and their   families, and promotes the inclusion of persons with disabilities into all aspects of community life.

People First of Ontario

We promote equality for all persons. We support people who have been labelled to speak up for themselves and make their own decisions. We want people in the community to see us as people first.

Special Services at Home & Passport Coalition

We are a coalition of individuals, families, organizations, associations and agencies dedicated to ensuring that families in Ontario receive the meaningful support they require through the Special Services at Home Program and the Passport Funding Program.


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