Our Vision

Our Vision for a transformed system in Ontario includes the following:

Individualized Funding that is based on the following VALUES:

  • Citizenship
  • Inclusion
  • Self Determination
  • Community
  • Supports for a whole life, a look at the whole person

Individualized Funding that is based on the following PRINCIPLES:

  • The person’s voice is honoured through a supported decision making process (with assistance from trusted and significant others: chosen loved ones, family, support circles, etc.)
  • Participation and contribution in community is a given – community as a first resource
  • Dreams of the person and strengths of the person, (along with trusted others/family/support circles), guide the process
  • Facilitation and planning is a separate function and is funded to ensure sustainability.  (Ideally, this function would have with no strings or ties to direct service provision, access and application centers, holders of funding.)
  • Relationship building and networks of support are key 
  • Funding is fully portable (Funding can be moved within an area to a different agency, to another part of the province, from agency base budgets to direct, whatever is needed)

Individualized Funding that has structures in place – essential features/supports for people to experience success. This includes:

  • Independent Facilitation and Planning
  • Other essential features/supports especially designed for individualized funding as follows:
    • Invoicing/financial accounting and accountability
    • Human resource support
    • Capacity building, i.e. training for individuals, families, trusted others, support workers

Independent Facilitation and Planning that is:Vision Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.

  • separate from direct service provision – no strings attached, (autonomous) 
  • separate from access centres (single point of access/assessment, DSO’s)
  • separate from funding allocation
  • an infrastructure/feature to support Individualized Funding
  • in relationship with a provincial community of practice that holds the values and offers shared learning 

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