Easy to Read

Statement of Principles

Check out this document done in words and images, and with simple language on the right side of each page. It shows us what an individualized funding support system looks like for a person with these four active principles:

  • Self-Determination – “I decide – with help”
  • Citizenship – “I am an adult citizen”
  • Flexibility and Ease of Access – “Making it easier to have a life”
  • Ensuring Safeguards – “I am safest when people in the community are in my life.”

Created by the Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario, 2006.

Statement of Principles, 2006.pdf

Impact of a Full-time Independent Facilitator

This document has images on the front page for easier understanding for individuals with disabilities, their families and friends. The message from the images show us that full-time independent facilitators don’t just affect the person with a disability, they also affect their family, friends and others who are important in their lives. 

This document shows how one full-time independent facilitator can have a direct effect on 125 people in total. It also shows that when they connect individuals to places in the community, independent facilitators inspire those people as well. 

Created by the Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario, 2013.

Impact of an Independent Facilitator Infographic, IFCO

Common Vision for Real Transformation, Part One and Part Two

These two documents describe a ‘common vision’ for change among four provincial organizations in Ontario. Common Vision was created in 2005 after lots of hard work by people from the four groups.

It is still relevant. That means it makes sense for today.

Common Vision ideas are backed up by research and best practices. That means the ideas in the documents are some of the best ways to help people with disabilities with their lives and future.  

Created by: Family Alliance Ontario; Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario; People First of Ontario and the Special Services at Home Provincial Coalition, 2005.

Click here to download Common Vision Part One   
Click here to download Common Vision Part Two

Creating a Good Life in Community, A Guide on Person-Directed Planning

This is a guide to help people with disabilities, their families and friends with planning for the future.

It was designed by the Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario. Writing team: Charlotte Dingwall; Kristi Kemp; Barbara Fowke, 2006.

Available in Plain Language. Available in French or English.

Click here to download the English Plain Language Guide

Click here to download the French Plain Language Guide