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The Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario has primarily communicated through news briefs, reports, and other materials both with our members and supporters, and with government. The Messages, News tabs contain messages, newsletters, news briefs, and upates that were prepared with and for our members, allies and supporters . The Papers, Positions tabs contain links to papers/briefs/reports that were prepared with feedback from our members – people, families, and allies. These were then presented/submitted to government. We have also communicated using the home page of our website for more timely news and events, and then later moved that information to the Messages/News area.  Feel free to browse the selection of our communication below, which also gives one a glimpse of some of our historical work:

Messages, News (2018-2020)

Messages, News (2013-2015)

Messages, News (2001-2006)

Papers, Positions (2010-2014)

Papers, Positions (2000-2008)