Individualized Funding: Ontario Research & Reports (1998-2006)

Moving Toward Citizenship:
A Study of Individualized Funding in Ontario

This study demonstrated that costs for individualized funding may be similar to conventional supports, but quality of life outcomes are usually much better. Recent research suggests that the emphasis on self-determination in new paradigm projects is one reason for positive outcomes. Sponsored by the Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario. Principal Investigator: John Lord, Researchers: Kristi Kemp, Charlotte Dingwall. 2006
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More Choice and Control for People with Disabilities
Review of Individualized Funding

The goal of this review was to develop understanding, awareness, and strategies for building the capacity of individuals, families, communities, and government to implement Individualized funding for people with disabilities in Ontario. Project Co-ordinator:  John Lord, Researchers: Barbara Zupko, Peggy Hutchison. Published by the Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy. July 2000
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Linking Individualized Supports and Direct Funding
Making Money Work for People
‘The Round Table Report’

A Pathway to Self-Determination and Community Involvement for People with Disabilities
The Ontario Round Table for People with Disabilities purposed to develop a policy framework, province-wide principles, and directions for Individualized Funding, as well as identifying strategies for implementation. Sponsored by the Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario. May 2000
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Individualized Funding: A New Vision
‘Report from the 1998 Symposium’

This report was prepared following the Individualized Funding Symposium called “Positioning for Change” which was held in October of 1998. It outlines the major themes, outcomes and recommendations from the symposium. Highlights from the document include: human rights, the importance of self-determination and autonomy of decision making and the connection to individualized funding;  community participation, accountability and more. The document references research, learnings shared by presenters from across the country, and discussions regarding the five ‘building blocks’ necessary for successful outcomes. Quote from the conclusion: “What is required now is the implementation of a coordinated and comprehensive process for moving ahead to individualized funding of disability-related supports.” Report prepared by the Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario. Writer: Catherine Frazee. July 1999
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Individualized Funding
First Choice Option for Developmental Services

There are many whose needs are simply not addressed by the current system. An important example is the increasing number of families who want to establish their sons/daughters in residential supports that are more individualized, more community-oriented, and more flexible than traditional group homes. These families are prepared to assume responsibility and to exercise control with their daughters and sons.” (1998 – quote from the paper)

This paper makes an excellent case for individualized funding and having control over one’s resources and life decisions.  It is based on five different Ontario reports and/or research papers from the mid 90’s. It concludes by encouraging the government to recognize the advantages of individualized funding and the necessity for shifting funding to give people more power over the direction in which services for the future would evolve.  One has to wonder, how things would have evolved by 2014 had the information and recommendations in this document, the ‘Symposium’ report (July 1999) and the ‘Round Table’ report’ (May 2000) been pursued years ago?  First Choice Option for Developmental Services was the first document published by the Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario. September 1998
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