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Connecting and Sharing with a Bigger We!

We are all citizens! Citizen Network connects people together, from all around the world, to create a world where everyone matters. Website:

Citizen Network North America: Connecting Citizen Network members in and around North America. Citizen Network North America is a community of citizens, groups and networks working together to achieve citizenship for all. If you are based in North America.  You are welcome to join us. Learn more at this link:

SDS Network – Leading the global development of self-directed support. Self-Directed Support (SDS) means organising help and assistance so that people who need help are able to live with freedom and are included as full and valued citizens within the community. Link

Global Standards for Self-directed Support. See what you think of this document and provide feedback!

Framework for an Ordinary Everyday Life: In order for people to live ordinary, everyday lives along with independent facilitation supports, people need individualized supports that through which rich experiences can be built. These include: direct support worker assistance; inclusive neighbourhood and community opportunities; enough individualized funding with flexibility, ease of access, etc.; support for financial accounting, invoicing and payroll; and opportunities for individualized, affordable, accessible housing Read more here: Framework for an Ordinary Everyday Life-FINAL.pdf

Common Vision for Real Transformation, Part One and Part Two

These two documents describe a ‘common vision’ for change. They were developed by four provincial organizations in Ontario. Common Vision was created in 2005 after lots of hard work by people from these four groups. It is still very relevant. That means it makes sense for today in the year 2023!

Common Vision ideas are backed up by research and best practices. Some of that research is featured on this website. These ideas are some of the best ways to support people with disabilities who want an everyday ordinary life full of purpose.

Created by: Family Alliance Ontario; Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario; People First of Ontario and the Special Services at Home Provincial Coalition, (now called People for Personalized Funding).

Click here to download Common Vision Part One   
Click here to download Common Vision Part Two