Why become a member of the Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario?

 Membership in the ‘Coalition’ will:

  • Strengthen your commitment for supporting people with disabilities to direct their own lives (with help from family, loved ones and/or friends when requested or needed).
  • Send a strong, credible message that there are many people in Ontario who share a vision for supported-decision making (a legal way to support people’s decisions.)
  • Offer you a voice at meetings and/or by email giving you opportunities to share, discuss and have a say in different directions.
  • Provide you the opportunity to be part of collective efforts to move an effective individualized funding framework forward in Ontario as a support to an “everyday, ordinary life full of purpose.”
  • Keep you abreast of gatherings, latest work, government direction and possible actions to participate in.
  • Provide financial support for the ongoing work of the ‘Coalition’.
  • Affirm the ‘Coalition’s’ efforts along the journey.

How Do I Become A Member?

You can join the Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario (IFCO) by using the membership link below. People, families, professionals, networks, organizations and agencies are welcome to join. There is a place on the form to tick off your support for the IFCO Accord. Organization and agency partners will be pleased to know that receipts will be sent directly to your email. Many thanks to Community Living Windsor, a long-time partner with IFCO, for setting up this safe on-line method for becoming a member!

Note: If you are a People First member or self-advocate experiencing low income, OR a Family Network or People First Chapter with no funding, there is a link on the form you can click for a bursary to become a member.

For anyone who would prefer to mail in their membership, you can do this by downloading and printing the: IFCO Information & Membership Brochure, 2023

  • Fill out the membership form panel inside the brochure and mail it to:  Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario, c/o 3357 Walker Rd, Suite 2, Windsor, ON  N8W 5J7.
  • Please feel free to share this brochure with others. It contains excellent information about the Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario.