Messages, News (2001-2006)

Information Briefs

Investments that will Make a Difference
An information brief for the purposes of lobbying and informing local MPPs and others.
Published by the Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario, November 2006. Inside:

  • Investing in System Changes that are Responsible, Accountable, Equitable and Financially Feasible will have Great Outcomes for People with Disabilities
  • Important Considerations for Investing Tax Payer Dollars in Direct Individualized Funding and Independent Planning & Facilitation

EXTRA!!! EXTRA!!! Common Vision News
A publication of the ‘Common Vision’ collaborative (FAO, IFCO, People First, and SSAHPC).
Published November 16, 2006.  Articles inside include:

  • Government Publishes New Paper called ‘Opportunities and Action’ – Provincial Coalitions claim “this is a government document whose time has come”
  • An Interview with Leaders in the Social Change Movement

IFCO Citizenship News

Series of  three publications by the Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario; published to provide timely and relevant information to our members and others at a very busy time under ‘transformation’. These newsletters will appeal to those with a particular interest in: self-determination; the building of relationships with family/friends/others; individualized funding and the infrastructures needed to support citizens living with disability in Ontario.  

August 2006, Volume 2, Issue 2   Articles inside:

  • Direct / Individualized Funding is coming to Ontario
  • Grassroots Work
  • Ontarians are Ready for Individualized Funding

April 2006, Volume 2, Issue 1.  Articles inside:

  • Study Sheds Light on Potential for Individualized Funding; ‘Moving Toward Citizenship’ released
  • Transformation ‘Blueprint’ is coming
  • Community Engagement Work: Building Capacity for Individualized Funding
  • Professor Says Passport Program Misses the Boat – Opinion Piece
  • Individualized Funding Coalition Deeply Concerned: Why are so many people with disabilities living in nursing homes?

December 2005, Volume 1, Issue 1.   Articles inside:

  • Beyond ‘In Unison’, Stakes are High
  • Investing in the Grassroots
  • Brian Salisbury in Toronto, BC Experience Shared with Stakeholders
  • Common Vision for Real Transformation, Four Provincial Grassroots Groups Collaborate
  • Facilitator’s Dialogue Forum in Early Stages
  • Comprehensive Research Underway in Ontario, Beyond the Stories: Getting to the Nuts and Bolts

Investing in People

A series of ‘periodic updates’ written by various members of the Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario between March 2001 and September 2003. In creating PDFs for uploading on the site, the original message/content has been kept intact. We have, however, added our website address to the end of each document (replacing our old email address/contact info.) Below is the list of Investing in People documents in chronological order.

September 2003
    Understanding Individualized Support:
    The Power of Independent Planning and Facilitation, by John Lord

October 2002
    The Next Step after Engaging an Agency, by Wolfgang Struss

August 2002
    Moving Toward Individualized Planning, Support and Funding:
    Engaging Agencies that Provide Services, by Wolfgang Struss

March 2002
    Accountability and Individualized Funding, by Judith Snow

August 2001
    Personal Assistance: What it is and What it is not,  by Judith Snow

May 2001
    Beyond Waiting Lists:
    Individualized Planning and Network Development Empowers People and Uses Money Wisely

March 2001
    Individualized Support and Funding,
    Build Capacity of Individuals and Families, by John Lord

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