WorkFest (2004)


Expanding Individualized Funding: The Time is Now!
WorkFest February 20-22, 2004 – Toronto

More than 125 people from across Ontario spent the weekend of February 20, 2004 working together to expand Individualized Funding for people with disabilities and their families.  The WorkFest created enormous energy for change.  Participants reflected on visions, barriers and strategies for issues relating to Individualized Funding. A number of Key Messages were developed. See below for viewing general information about the WorkFest:

Final Program-Expanding Individualized Funding-WorkFest Feb. 2004

Participant Letter-WorkFest Feb 2004

Summary-Expanding Individualized Funding-WorkFest Feb. 2004

Thank You-WorkFest Feb. 2004

A statement called, One Voice – A Statement about Individualized Funding was created emphasizing the importance of citizenship as a right, as well as core values and components of individualized funding. The statement illustrates the important connection between citizenship and full participation for people with disabilities and having individualized funding and supports unique to each person.

From this extremely focused effort during the WorkFest, a number of other documents were developed that identified key elements of what would be needed in Ontario to make Individualized Funding a reality. More than twenty-five strategic directions were developed to expand Individualized Funding locally and provincially.   They were grouped into two main areas:  Building IF in Ontario and Building Capacity of Individuals, Families and Communities.  Some of the documents created as a result of the WorkFest are available for viewing by clicking the links below.


Building IF in Ontario

One Voice – A Statement about Individualized Funding Feb 2004

Core Values Enhance Individualized Funding Feb 2004

Ask Me First Advocacy for Voice and Choice

Individualized Funding Definition and Elements

Getting Buy-In for Individualized Funding from Government – A Call for Political Action

Funding Inequities


Building Capacity of Individuals, Families and Communities

Families and Individuals Learn to Plan

Getting Facilitators in our Community