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Reflections About Judith Snow – June 2015

Whether you are a new or repeat visitor we invite you to go to the tab entitled People and Places and click on Stories and Blogs to read about Judith Snow who passed away suddenly on May 31, 2015. Judith was a pioneer for individualized funding and a standard bearer of full citizenship for all. She called us to engage in our communities as ambassadors for diversity, inclusion and peace.

(Notes: Judith led the Individualized as co-chair for many years. She continued as a resource with the ‘coalition’ for many more years right up until her death. She was the first person in Ontario to receive individalized funding, which set a path formany others into the future.  You can find of stories about Judith and stories written by Judith at Inclusion Press.  Searching her name on the internet will bring up lots of wonderful stories and information as well.)

A Message from the Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario – July 2014

Latest News!    ifco1
There is a great deal happening these days – the list of things to stay on top of and be informed about just keeps growing. This is the result of a great deal of advocacy and education over the years by people and families living with disability in Ontario. To our members who did their part – kudos. We have listed the latest breaking news first and then a summary of involvement and activities of IFCO . . . . . To continue reading, click here . To view the Select Committee Report on Developmental Services referred to in the News Brief, click here.  To view the Institution Class Actions document referred to in the News Brief, click here.

A Message from the Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario – April 2014

Hello IFCO Members and Friends

We are sending you this message so that you are informed about today’s announcement by the Ministry of Community and Social Services about NEW funding being committed to people living with a developmental disability and their families.  The current government is making a commitment of $810 Million over the next four years with a plan to focus on five key areas.

One of those areas is to eliminate waiting lists for Passport and SSAH in that time and have funds to support new applicants for Passport. Other themes include: support for people experiencing important life changes, better residential supports, promoting innovation and community partnerships and support for front-line workers.  Click here to continue reading

 Fall News Brief – 2013

Respectfully Taking Pause ifco2
Before beginning our fall update and review, we would be remiss if we did not pause to reflect on the historic times we are in.  On Tuesday, September 17, 2013 an out-of-court settlement for $35 million, which included an apology, for the people who lived at Huronia Regional Centre was announced.  How does one begin to thank the many courageous people who came forward to share their stories of horrific abuse and humiliation as part of the recent class-action law-suit?     To continue reading, click here.  To view the Housing Study Group Report referred to in the News Brief, click here.

 An Important Spring Message – 2013ifco3

Hello Members, Supporters and Friends. . .
We would like to thank many of you at this time of the year for your contributions made over the last year.  You did this in many different ways as follows:

  • Input and feedback through email as IFCO members
  • Attending regular IFCO membership meetings
  • Participation at IFCO Ad Hoc gatherings
  • Participation in advocacy efforts for adequate individualized direct funding
  • Sharing your opinions for feedback to government
  • Getting involved in your local communities with local change and innovation
  • Attending the Ontario Independent Facilitation Network forum in November
  • And more.  . . . .  To continue reading, click here.

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